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Cultural Pedagogy

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Melanie Isho  ➚

Grievability and Violence: The Spectacle of America’s War on Terror in Abu Ghraib

Articles, Cultural Pedagogy, Social Justice

By Megan Misztal  ➚

I’ll Be Back in the Mo(u)rning: Glimpsing a Politics of Possibility Through Rupture and Rend

Articles, Cultural Pedagogy, Essays, Resistance

By Megan Misztal  ➚

In Your Hands

Articles, Cultural Pedagogy, Resistance

By Liam Feldman  ➚

The Unlikely Alliance of Transgenders and Transnationals

Articles, Cultural Pedagogy, Essays, Public Intellectuals, Social Justice

By Joe Palmeri  ➚

Neoliberalism Fascism and the Case for Democratic Egoism

Cultural Pedagogy, Essays

By Cassidy Burr  ➚

Resisting the Unspeakable: Healing the Language of Neoliberalist Politics

Cultural Pedagogy, Essays, Public Pedagogy, Resistance

By Issra Marie Martin  ➚

Seeing Ourselves in Public: Representation, Relation, and Political Agency in Cultural Spaces

Cultural Pedagogy, Essays, Resistance

By Patrick McArthur  ➚

Coerced Freedom: Car-Centric Societies, Neoliberalism, and Individualization

Cultural Pedagogy, Essays